Website favicons with hexSticker

My journey to make a website favicon with the hexSticker R package


My website needed a new favicon, and I decided to create one with R. I quite like the look of those hexagonal R package logos, and it turns out there’s an R package that helps you make those: hexSticker.


First, the design. I really like the simple symmetry of a (normal) density curve. So I based my design on that. To make it a bit more interesting, I decided to stack a small number of them on top of another, each with its own color. Here’s how I went about doing that.

# A consistent color palette for the image
palette <- viridis(10)

# Create data for the density curves
d <- expand_grid(
    m = 0,
    nesting(s = c(1.5, 1.5, 1.5), n1 = factor(1:3)),
    x = seq(-5, 5, by = .01)
  ) %>% 
  mutate(y = dnorm(x, m, s))

# Plot said data
p <- d %>% 
  ggplot(aes(col = n1, group = n1)) +
  # What's a better / more overused color scale? Nothing.
  scale_color_viridis_d(begin = .2, end = .8, direction = 1) +
  # Adjust the empty areas between plot geoms and axis limits
    expand = expansion(c(.35, .15))
  ) +
  # These curves go up
    aes(x = x, y = y),
    linewidth = 2,
    position = position_stack()
  ) +
  # Make the plot otherwise completely empty
  theme_void() +
  theme_transparent() +
    legend.position = "none"

Can you imagine from above what it’ll look like 😉? You’ll see in a bit. Next I needed to pass the plot object throught hexSticker::sticker() to create the hexagonal sticker plot. There are quite a few arguments to that function and it took me a few minutes to figure out what they do. I basically wanted to fill the hexagonal area with the plot, and add a URL to the corner.

s <- sticker(
  s_x = 1,
  s_y = 1,
  s_width = 1.9,
  s_height = 1.7,
  h_fill = "black",
  h_color = palette[3],
  package = "",
  url = "sometimes I R",
  u_color = palette[7],
  u_size = 24,
  dpi = 800,
  filename = here("favicon.png")
Figure 1: Sticker made with ggplot2 and hexSticker.

The more I kept tweaking this, the more it started to look like a tropical fish swimming towards me. Only the eyes are missing! When printed in RStudio or here in the html output of a rmarkdown/quarto document, the margins are oddly large. But the output file looks just as it should, and is now both the logo (top-left corner) and favicon (browser tab) of this website.



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